Liquid Roofing

Liquid Roofing Liquid roofing involves the application of a monolithic, fully bonded, liquid based coating to a roof. The coating cures to form a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof membrane. This is capable of stretching and returning to its original shape without… Read more »

Tony Friday

Mells Roofing Ltd are sad to announce the passing of retired employee Tony Friday. Tony was working for Mells for most of his working like.  He joined at the age of 23 and started with an asphalt gang.  He soon… Read more »

Mells roofing and Icopal

Icopal World Reference in Waterproofing

Icopal and Mells Roofing both have long and vast histories. At Mells Roofing we continue to develop our long relationship with Icopal. The video highlights the diversity and manufacturing excellence and we are proud to be installers of these fine… Read more »

The Ashleigh Centre Basildon

The Ashleigh Centre Basildon

The Ashleigh Centre Basildon Finishing The Ashleigh Centre Basildon today. Another excellent project completed to everyone’s satisfaction. Well done to the Mells Team! Contact us now for more information on how we can help you on your next Roofing project…. Read more »

Mells invoice 1933

Mells Invoice 1933 Looking through the Mells Archives, take a look at this old Mells invoice 1933. The work carried out was recovering a small flat roof measuring 5 sq yards (about 5 sq metres for the younger ones amongst… Read more »

Icopal new venture in Sealoflex Enviroflex

One of our more recent projects was to trial a new product offered in the marketplace by Icopal. This is a user friendly liquid-applied roof waterproofing system, known as Sealoflex Enviroflex. The owner of a building approached Mells Roofing about failings in… Read more »

Our Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission and Vision statements Our regular meetings with Tina Duilieu at Coaching Dynamics have proved to be worthwhile and effective. Our office team were encouraged and inspired to think of core values that were important and at the heart… Read more »

Mells roofing and Icopal

Mells Roofing and Icopal

Mells Roofing and Icopal Mells Roofing and Icopal. Icopal is a world leader in the design and development of innovative waterproofing and building protection products, used from the roof right down to the basement and in buildings of every shape… Read more »

What makes a good flat roof?

Once associated with poor materials and shoddy workmanship, flat roofs are now back in vogue and are highly favoured amongst designers and architects. With extended life-spans, ease of maintenance, and proven resistance to the fluctuation of the British weather, together… Read more »

Working with leading suppliers

New materials have come along with new ways of installing them.  Great strides have taken place with liquid membranes, Single Ply and bituminous materials. Mells Roofing continues to embrace the best of these for the benefit of our customers. This… Read more »