What are the benefits of Green roofs?


What are the benefits of Green Roofs?

What are the benefits of green roofs?What are the benefits of Green Roofs? There’s an ever increasing interest by many local authorities all over the UK to make use of green roofs into new and existing developments wherever feasible. Homeowners are also finding Green roofing popular – even transforming their garden shed and even landscaping their own flat roof.

What exactly are Green roofs? Basically a green roof is any type of planting arrangement over a flat roof surface. They look good and are filled with environmental, economic and social benefits.

In urban environments, green roofs help attract the birds and butterflies and provide cleaner air, offsetting our carbon footprint and helping combating global warming. Green roofs can also help reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer, and offer a degree of additional insulation in the winter. The lives of waterproofing membranes beneath green roofs are extended, plus sound insulation is improved. Not only that, water surface run-off can be reduced; thereby helping to minimise flash floods following intense periods of rainfall. The most common types of green roofs include extensive, intensive and bio diverse. Extensive are mainly succulents that are highly adapted to the UK climate and need little or no maintenance. Intensive tends to be the grasses often used for recreational amenities, whilst bio diverse feature small pockets of different micro-climates, such as a small pond on a large buildings roof, logs and stones for other habitats.

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