Tony Friday


Mells Roofing Ltd are sad to announce the passing of retired employee Tony Friday.

Tony was working for Mells for most of his working like.  He joined at the age of 23 and started with an asphalt gang.  He soon trained in floor laying and was particularly good with sheet lino and vinyl.  His skills here made him the excellent felt roofer that he became.  The attention to detail required with floor laying transferred well to the laying out of flat roofs.  During his time at Mells he worked for five years at the Bank of England Printing Works in charge of a gang recovering the roofs with a copper faced bitumen membrane.  The supplying company, Langley, were so impressed with his works that they asked if he could go out to a site in Indonesia where they were suppling materials for an important contract.  Tony was to supervise and train the local fixers.  This he did with his usual enthusiasm.

Tony trained many roofing felt fixers during his working life and his skills are still turning out roofs through his apprentices, three of which are still working for Mells.  He was a stickler for punctuality but was always very pleasant and popular.  His skills and personality meant that he was entirely suitable to be a supervisor when he came off the tools for a number of years to carry out this new role, which he did excellently.  Tony continued to work for a further two years after he reached retirement age and continued to keep in touch by meeting up with everyone at Christmas at the Crooked Billet in Leigh. 

Tony was very much liked and appreciated throughout his many years at Mells and he is often talked about in the office and in discussions about work and methods.  We often say ‘what would Tony do’. 

He will long be remembered.


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