Norman Harris House


A retirement home in Southend-on-Sea built around 1970 with a roof area of around 650 square meters. The original roofing consisted of traditional built-up bitumen felts with granite chippings, laid over polystyrene insulation with a fibreboard topping. The deck was timber boarding. The rooflights were original and required replacing.

Norman Harris House is situated on an elevated position approx. 100 meters from Southend’s golden mile.

Mells Roofing worked with Icopal and the local authority and a bitumen bonded system was decided upon, with improved and upgraded insulation. New Icopal rooflights were also specified and Non-lead flashings and polyester powdered coated edge trims were also agreed.

The specification included:

  • HT180 sanded underlay close nailed to the timber boarding
  • Proflex Vapour Control Layer
  • Thermazone insulation 100mm thick
  • Proflex Preparation layer
  • Proflex 250 Sanded
  • Proflex Brown Mineral
  • Lead flashings were replaced using Formflash non lead flashings fixed with metal clips.
  • Icopal triple skinned polycarbonate rooflights were used throughout.

This was a difficult contract carried out during the winter months with strong winds coming off the sea.

The excellent working relationship between Mells Roofing, Icopal and the client ensured a successful result.

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