Icopal new venture in Sealoflex Enviroflex


One of our more recent projects was to trial a new product offered in the marketplace by Icopal. This is a user friendly liquid-applied roof waterproofing system, known as Sealoflex Enviroflex.

The owner of a building approached Mells Roofing about failings in the current waterproofing. The building houses a number of residential flats and retail units. The problem has resulted in issues with not being able to let the units out. We were asked  what would be the best possible choice of waterproofing for this type of building. The roofs to the retail units, were the communal areas for the owners of the flats. As a result, we gave much thought to a system that had to be hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing.

Furthermore, working closely with Icopal, we felt the Sealoflex Enviroflex system, incorporating their quartz sand, benefited both parties. The Sealoflex Enviroflex system is a versatile product which can be used on flat roofs of all shapes and sizes. Consequently, it would be installed in one single operation. Additionally, it is cost and time effective.

High Standard of Customer Service

The product is completely solvent free, very low odour, fast curing, wet on wet application and usable at low temperatures. Which is all beneficial to Mells Roofing as an installer. Therefore we are be able to offer a high standard of customer service. Essentially, regards to lower risks of not being able to lay the material in restrictive weather conditions and restrictive usage due to fumes or hazardous chemicals.

Once cured the Sealoflex Enviroflex, depending on climatic temperatures, can receive foot traffic within 4 hours. Equally, it can tolerate minor building movement. This system looks aesthetically pleasing with seamlessness, durability and flexibility. Also, it is incorporated with coloured quartz, that will leave an anti skid walkway finish.

Many Sealoflex Enviroflex systems have been installed in Europe and the USA. Further to extensive testing and research, there is enough confidence for Icopal to be able to offer a guarantee for up to 15 years.

Liquid applied waterproofing does not rely on any type of hot works. The product is completely solvent free and does not contain any volatile organic compounds. Once cured it is resistant to animal fats as well as many other aggressive chemicals.

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