Flat Roofing & Essex Schools

Flat Roofing & Essex Schools After delving into the Mells Roofing archives there is a huge and comprehensive history of roofing and repairing Flat Roofing & Essex Schools. We have extensive experience of working with the Schools, Academies and Colleges of Essex for over… Read more »

Competent Roofer and Building Regulations

Competent Roofer As a member of Competent Roofer there are huge benefits for customers and will save very valuable time. It is important to realise that this scheme is not just another Trade Association. The Competent Roofer Scheme means that there is… Read more »

Sign written Mells Roofing van

Customer confidence in Mells Roofing

Customer confidence in Mells Roofing Our focus is always on ensuring customer confidence in Mells Roofing, right from the initial enquiry; it is the first step in the process towards a satisfied customer. All our employees attend jobs fully uniformed… Read more »

Green roofing in Essex

What are the benefits of Green roofs?

What are the benefits of Green Roofs? What are the benefits of Green Roofs? There’s an ever increasing interest by many local authorities all over the UK to make use of green roofs into new and existing developments wherever feasible…. Read more »

Beware of Rogue Tradesmen

Beware of Rogue tradesmen When we think of tradesmen we know most of them are good at their job, honest and hardworking. Unfortunately there are many that are not. Beware of Rogue Tradesmen Cowboy contractors and rogue tradesmen cost the… Read more »